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Welcome to New England Gold Buyers! If you are wondering where to sell gold, we are your local gold buyers, right here in PortsmouthNH, on Route One.  If you want cash for gold and if you are selling gold jewelry or engagement rings, New England Gold Buyers is buying gold.  We offer a complimentary consultation to those who would like to sell gold.  We buy gold and we buy gold jewelry.  We are also no stranger to buying engagement rings.  We look forward to meeting you!

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Buying Gold Portsmouth, NH Do you have old gold you no longer want?  Have you always been wondering the value of your gold?  Now is the time to find the best gold value for your scrap gold!  We know that you would like to sell your old gold for cold, hard cash!  It is an excellent way to put your old scrap gold and gold jewelry to good use.  Visit us today for a free quote on the value of your gold.  If you are looking to sell gold, silver or platinum, New England Gold Buyers is the place to go in Portsmouth, NH.  Maybe you have an old silver flatware set you no longer need?  Maybe you have some silver jewelry you no longer wear.  Bring it in! You can even update your jewelry collection with our fine selection of quality estate jewelry, including beautiful engagement rings. 

What does the term Karats refer to when describing Gold?

The first thing we need to cover is that the “K” in 9K or 10k gold stands for karats.  Not to be confused with Carat (Ct), which is the unit of weight measurement for gemstones.

Karats is a measurement of the content of gold.  Jewelry stores rarely sell gold jewelry made from pure gold, as gold is considered a soft metal and is too soft for everyday use. 

Mixing the gold with other metals hardens it and makes it more durable and less likely to bend.  The result is “karat gold”.  Pure fine gold jewelry would also be too expensive for the average consumer. 

Sell Gold Portsmouth, NH Mixing gold also produces different colored gold.

So “karat” is the content of gold used in a gold alloy in jewelry. i.e.:

  • 9 k gold contains 37.5% pure gold (375 parts per thousand parts)
  • 10k gold contains 41.7% pure gold (417 part per thousand parts) (include 10k)
  • 14k gold contains 58.5% pure gold (585 parts per thousand parts)
  • 18k gold contains 75% pure gold (750 parts per thousand parts).

In the USA, 10k and 14k gold are most popular.

Gold Stamps (hallmarks)

The next thing to cover is the hallmark.  Karat gold is normally stamped (hallmarked) to indicate the type. 

E.g. 9k gold would either be stamped 9k or 375, 18k gold would be stamped either 18k or 750.  The stamp doesn’t indicate the color of the gold; it only refers to the gold content. 

Most countries have laws requiring gold alloys be stamped with one of the standard hallmarks.  This said, a hallmark doesn’t mean the item is what it says it is.

Hallmarks should not be confused with a manufacturing stamp which is unique to the manufacturer.

Engagement Rings Portsmouth, NH What is Fine Gold?

You will see the terms fine gold jewelry, fine gold & fine jewelry.  What do these terms mean? They normally refer to karat gold.  In other words, fine gold jewelry is jewelry that is not gold plated.

What is Solid Gold?

You will see the term solid gold mentioned at jewelry stores.  Gold is normally named solid gold when it is karat gold or fine gold.

For example, 9k, 10k, 14k, 18k and 22k gold is often said to be solid gold.  Jewelry is not considered solid gold if it is gold plated.

Products & Services
  • Buying Gold, Silver, and Platinum
  • Selling Gold, Silver and Platinum jewelry
  • Buying Gold, Silver, and Platinum jewelry
  • Display cases in retail store.  Selling Gold, Silver and Platinum Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces, and Pins.
  • Sell unwanted engagement rings.
  • Buy engagement rings at an incredible value
  • Buying Silver flatware sets

Store located conveniently on Rt. 1 in Portsmouth on second floor above Jitto’s Restaurant.  Please come in for a FREE Quote if you wish to sell your gold, silver or platinum items.

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